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Dr. Young's Story

With over 26 years of dedicated service in the field of education, I have honed my expertise and passion for guiding students on their journey towards college admissions. From my humble beginnings as a bilingual kindergarten teacher and elementary counselor, to my roles in district, federal, and state programs, I have continuously sought to empower students with the tools they need to succeed.

It was during my 15-year tenure as the lead high school counselor that I truly found my calling. Focused on helping students identify their unique strengths and gifts, I made it my mission to provide them with the necessary guidance to effectively navigate the college admissions process. Drawing from my own experiences of trial and error, including assisting my three sons, I developed a comprehensive five-step process that ensured each student would not only understand their innate talents, but also have a clear roadmap to achieve their life goals and dreams.

My extensive experience in the field, combined with my personal commitment to empowering students, has become the driving force behind my life’s goal. I firmly believe that every individual possesses incredible potential and deserves the opportunity to thrive in this world. My unwavering dedication to helping students uncover their unique gifts and talents, paired with a meticulously crafted roadmap to success, ensures that no dream is out of reach.

Years of experience

Extensive Experience and Proven Success

With over 26 years of experience in education, Dr. Young has a comprehensive background ranging from elementary counseling and bilingual teaching to district administration and leading counseling efforts in high schools. Over these years, Dr. Young has successfully guided hundreds of students through the intricate college application process, helping them gain admission to their top-choice schools and programs.

Dr. Young’s unique approach is not only informed by her professional experience but also enriched by her personal journey navigating college admissions with her three sons. This blend of professional insight and personal empathy ensures that she understands the challenges and nuances of the admissions landscape intimately.

A Passion for Helping Students Discover Their Path

Dr. Young’s dedication to college admissions began with her own family’s experiences and evolved into a passionate professional pursuit. She has made it her mission to help students not just choose a college, but also discover careers and majors that align with their talents and aspirations. Dr. Young believes in the importance of proactive preparation, helping students and parents avoid the stress, confusion, and financial cost of misdirected college experiences.

Her approach goes beyond basic admissions coaching by fostering a deeper understanding of each student’s unique strengths and potential career paths, thereby setting them up for long-term success and fulfillment.

Commitment to Family and Future

Choosing Dr. Young means gaining a partner in making the most of your child’s final years at home. Dr. Young is committed to helping families enjoy this precious time without the overshadowing stress of college applications. She equates seeking help for college admissions to obtaining essential medical care or tutoring – it’s a necessary step to ensure your child’s well-being and future success.

Dr. Young’s lifetime commitment to her students involves a holistic approach to guidance that encompasses academic, personal, and emotional dimensions, ensuring that each student is not only ready for college but also equipped for life’s challenges.

Choosing Dr. Young: A Decision for the Future

Working with Dr. Young isn’t just about getting into a good college; it’s about setting up a foundation for success in life. Her thorough understanding of the academic landscape, passion for discovery, and commitment to individualized guidance make her the ideal choice for any family seeking to navigate the college admissions process with confidence and optimism. Choose Dr. Young to help your child not only achieve their college dreams but also to thrive beyond the classroom.

Meet Jesus G.

A remarkable first-generation college applicant with a clear goal of becoming a FBI agent! 

Starting his application journey early with interviews and meticulous planning, Jesus secured acceptance to multiple colleges. We congratulate him on choosing Texas State University and the Honors Program for Fall 2024, wish him all the success on his journey ahead!

Feeling inspired by success stories like these? Let’s make YOUR college dreams a reality! Whether it’s your top two dream colleges or beyond, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. Don’t wait – schedule your consultation today and let’s write your own success story together!

Congratulations Hattie!

Hattie will be attending Texas A&M University and majoring in Ecology Conservation Biology under the Forestry track with a minor in Spanish! 

What I loved about working with Hattie was her authentic desire to learn about the environment and opportunities to preserve it. She was highly motivated in spearheading several environmental initiatives in her school and community. She was bold and entered a university contest where she won first place for her project. She will be quite an asset to the Aggie community, and to the world! 

Here is her advice she wants to share with Current HS Juniors, “Some advice I would give to current juniors on how to prepare for the college application process is to avoid procrastination and make yourself known to the colleges you are interested in. Get a head – start on resumes/essays and participate in events that the colleges host so that they know your name!!

Clara's Advice

“I began my application very very early. That’s my biggest tip. Be ready to turn in the application early. I would also add to oversell yourself because nothing is assumed. The people that read your application know nothing about you (and the other thousands of people), so you need to stand out. I am so excited to go to the University of Texas for Business.”