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Start Planning Now for a Productive Summer: Unique Opportunities for College Admission

By Dr. Kendall Young

As a college consultant, I understand the importance of a well-rounded college application. One way to make your application stand out is by planning a highly productive and impactful summer. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of incorporating internships or shadowing opportunities and identifying a unique activity aligned with your area of study or intended career pathway. You may be asking yourself, “Do I really need to start planning now for summer?”.  By planning early, you can secure a truly unique and impactful experience that will not only provide hands-on experience but also personal growth and a sense of accomplishment.

1. Hands-on Experience:

Internships or shadowing opportunities are invaluable for gaining practical knowledge and skills in your chosen field. By immersing yourself in a professional setting, you can apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to real-world scenarios. This hands-on experience will not only deepen your understanding of your area of study but also demonstrate your commitment and passion to college admissions officers. many of my students have also used their time during spring break to shadow a successful individual within their industry or career filled. They are pursuing to set themselves apart.

2. Unique Activities:

In addition to internships or shadowing, consider engaging in a unique activity that sets you apart from other applicants. Create a blog, vlog, podcast, YouTube channel, or Instagram account focused on your area of interest. If you’re not technologically savvy, you can always write a book or a how to manual. You can simply also journal your experience and often times that will offer wonderful stories to insert into your college essay.

This platform will showcase your creativity and communication skills while allowing you to share your knowledge and insights with a broader audience. Collaborating with a nonprofit agency or initiating a community initiative related to your field can also demonstrate your commitment to service and social impact.

3. Personal Growth and Accomplishment:

Engaging in a unique and impactful summer activity will provide you with personal growth and a sense of accomplishment. By taking the initiative to plan and execute a project or activity, you will develop valuable skills such as time management, problem-solving, and leadership. These experiences will not only enhance your college application but also shape you into a well-rounded individual ready to tackle future challenges.

So, to get started:

1. Research: Begin by researching organizations, companies, or professionals in your area of interest. Look for internships, shadowing opportunities, or potential collaborations that align with your goals and values.

2. Network: Reach out to professionals, professors, or alumni who work in your desired field. Attend career fairs, networking events, or join relevant online communities to connect with individuals who can provide guidance and opportunities. Another great reference would be connecting with somebody at your Chamber of Commerce or even your local workforce commission. Did you know that sometimes they have programs where they will pay your salary to work for another company? Definitely something to check out.

3. Take Initiative: If you can’t find existing opportunities, consider creating your own. Start a blog, vlog, or podcast to share your knowledge and insights. Reach out to local nonprofits or community organizations to propose collaboration ideas. Take the initiative to make a difference in your community and showcase your passion.

In conclusion, starting to plan early for a productive and impactful summer is crucial for college admissions success. By incorporating internships or shadowing opportunities and engaging in unique activities, you can gain hands-on experience, personal growth, and a sense of accomplishment. College admissions officers appreciate this type of involvement as it showcases your authenticity and dedication. Use research, networking, and initiative to find and create unique opportunities that align with your goals and values. You aren’t the same as every student in your school, so why follow the same patterns of involvement or activities? Charge your own course! So, start planning now to secure a truly unique and impactful experience that will set you apart in the college admissions process.

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